Transferring Stylesheets

Information about transferring stylesheets from the legacy extension to the web app.


In previous versions of Amino we utilized Google's Chrome Sync API to store user data (stylesheets, extension preferences, etc...) Unfortunately, the Chrome Sync API had a prohibitively small storage limit and was too restrictive for many Amino users. The good news: we now offer our own cloud storage solution at, which works seamlessly with the extension.

When you sign up for an account on the website, you will be prompted with a question about what kind of user you are. If you have used Amino previously and think you have stylesheets to transfer, click "I'm a returning Amino user" and our system will begin transferring your stylesheets to the website. For the vast majority, that will work perfectly.

"We were unable to locate any stylesheets to transfer."

If you think you have stylesheets to transfer and you saw this message, confirm that:

  • You are using a supported browser (Currently: Chrome, Brave)

  • You are using the same browser on the same computer as you previously used Amino

  • OR: You are using the same browser somewhere else, are signed into Chrome, and were signed into Chrome when you used Amino in the past

If you meet these criteria you should have no problem completing the transfer successfully. If you continue to have problems and are concerned about data loss, contact for assistance.

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