Just so you know we aren't creepy.

A Note About Permissions

Occasionally we hear from users who want to know more about the permissions we request during installation of our browser extension. Here’s a brief explanation of the two permissions we request and why we need them.

“Read and change all your data on the websites you visit”

The “read and change” popup is standard across browser extensions and Amino does not capture or alter any personal or payment information from the websites you visit. The only website ‘change’ that is incurred while using Amino is that we inject your user style sheet into the page you’re styling. This is the primary function of our extension and could not function without this permission.

“Display notifications”

When you right click on an element and select “Copy This Selector” from the Amino context menu, we use a browser notification to inform you that the selector has been added to your clipboard. We felt that this was the cleanest and most intuitive way to notify you of this. These notifications are not used for promotional purposes.

Questions about privacy? Please see our Privacy Policy.